IMDb betyg: 7.0


Drama från 2001 av Larry Clark med Brad Renfro och Rachel Miner.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller | År: 2001

Bobby and Marty, a couple of good-looking small town teenage slackers, have known each other forever. They work dead end jobs, do drugs and hustle cash by selling porno home videos and phone sex. The sadistic Bobby treats Marty like a toy, dominating him brutally and efficiently. It’s how they have always been. They hook up with beautiful, spoiled Ali, and her awkward, vulnerable friend Lisa for a double date on the beach, where Ali is viciously humiliated by Bobby. Lisa falls in love with Marty, and Bobby feels his control slipping… things get ugly.

Regissör: Larry Clark

Skådespelare: Brad Renfro – Marty Puccio, Nick Stahl – Bobby Kent, Bijou Phillips – Ali Willis, Rachel Miner – Lisa Connelly

Längd: 109 min. | Region: 2