So called friends at a dinner party end up acting like a dysfunctional family. 

Ten people meet on June 21st to have a dinner together, two of them inviting the other ones. No one really wants to go or meet the others although they are friends, they all have enough to do with their problems and would like to spend the evening in a different way. But they go, they smile at each other, they have nice chats and everybody is laughing and having fun. Then they go home, knowing they will meet up all again next year and everything will be the same. 

Not quite. Things have changed. Their relationships, their health, their self conscience. The code to open the door. 

Director: Danièle Thompson
Writers: Christopher Thompson, Danièle Thompson
Stars: Karin Viard, Dany Boon, Marina Foïs

IMDb betyg: 5.8
Original title Le code a changé
Production country France
Language French | Spanish
Subtitle DanskaNorskaSvenska
Recommended age  
Runtime 100 min
Color Color
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1
IMDb link tt1193088