Den nervöse och självgode amerikanske backpackern Jamie är i Chile med ett enda mål – att testa en mytomspunnen hallucinogen drog med sina nyvunna vänner. När han får en hippietjej från hemlandet i släptåg raseras hans perfekta plan. 

Director: Sebastián Silva
Writer: Sebastián Silva
Stars: Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffmann, Juan Andrés Silva

IMDb betyg: 5.8
Original title  Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus and 2012
Production country Chile
Language  English, Spanish
Subtitle DanskaFinskaNorskaSvenska
Recommended age 15
Runtime 98 min
Color Color
Aspect Ratio 2.35 : 1


Nominated: Independent Spirit Award

Nominated: John Cassavetes Award

Won: Directing Award

Nominated: VVFP Award

It is a shaggy dog road movie, and a drug-hazy one at that, but beneath the silliness and character-based gags, Crystal Fairy is, I feel, an unusually insightful look at self-imposed false identities and group dynamics.

For a moment, Crystal Fairy looks like it’s going to be a real fish-in-a-barrel satire, its rifles aimed at two very easy targets. But once a coked-out Cera invites Hoffmann on his road trip, a voyage he hopes will culminate with the consumption of a psychotropic cactus, the film gains a ramshackle quality that’s difficult to resist.

The A.V. Club

The film is often beautiful and appealingly light. Every clear-eyed insight into why pushy people insist on pushing is matched by loose ensemble humor and lyric reveries.

Village Voice

On their own, Crystal and Jamie might be two of the worst road-trip companions imaginable; when one gets going, it’s easy to identify with the other’s frustration. But together – fueled by drugs, forced to share a space, separated from what they take for granted – they reconsider how they value the people who are not … them.