Drama från 1983 av Lewis Gilbert med Michael Caine och Julie Walters. 

Rita, a hairdresser with a sharp wit, is married to Danny, and at 26 doesn’t want a baby. She wants to discover herself – so she joins the Open University. Dr Frank Bryant is a disillusioned university professor of literature. His marriage has failed, his girlfriend is having an affair with his best friend and he can’t get through the day without downing a bottle or two of whiskey. He refers to himself as an appalling teacher of appalling students. What Frank needs is a challenge – and along comes Rita. In this hilarious and often moving drama, the story tells how two people find a new lease of life through each other.

Regissör: Lewis Gilbert

Skådespelare: Michael Caine – Dr. Frank Bryant, Julie Walters – Rita Susan White, Michael Williams – Brian, Maureen Lipman – Trish

Längd: 110 min. | Region: 2 | Rek. från: PG år | Textning: SV, NO, DK, FI

IMDb betyg: 7.2