Dawna Wilkins is a strong, independent and self-made woman. Married and divorced at an early age, she raised her daughter Emily by herself and put herself through school, now to become the well respected head of the Hanson, an ancient art museum. Through her college professor friend David Geraine, Dawna meets John Collins, an Anthropology professor specializing in Incan artifacts, he who helps Dawna authenticate some pieces for an upcoming Incan exhibit. As a favor to Dawna, John accepts Emily into his class to help her complete her degree requirements. Although Dawna is attracted to John, with others who know them both seeing them as a good match, John confides to David that he sees her nothing more than a friend. Approximately one month later, Emily goes missing, after having just broken up with her slacker boyfriend, Keith Merrick. Emily’s murdered body is soon discovered buried in a remote shallow grave. John is there to support Dawna, both during the time that Emily was only missing and during Dawna’s mourning over Emily’s death. The police and John, among others, believe Keith to be the murderer. But Dawna will have to pay attention to signs around her or else possibly befall the same fate as her daughter.

Director: Robert Malenfant (as Rob Malenfant)
Writers: Nikea Gamby-Turner (original idea), Christine Conradt (screenplay)
Stars: Michelle Stafford, William R. Moses, Dani Kind

IMDb betyg: 5.3
Original title Like Mother, Like Daughter
Production country Canada
Language English
Subtitle DanskaFinskaNorskaSvenska
Recommended age  13
Runtime 92 min
Color Color
Aspect Ratio