Drama från 1936 av Alfred Hitchcock med Sylvia Sidney och Oskar Homolka. 

Another terrific early work from the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. 

”Sabotage” is a spy thriller set in London. Oskar Homalka plays a cinema manager who is involved in a plot to destroy the city. Meanwhile undercover agent (John Loder) is watching from a nearby vacant store, he becomes smitten with the villain’s wife. The younger brother in-law of the conspirator gets caught up in the plot in a scene that is dripping with suspense in the way that only Hitchcock can deliver. 

Recommended viewing for all fans of the master of suspense. 

Regissör: Alfred Hitchcock

Skådespelare: Sylvia Sidney – (as Sylvia Sydney) – Mrs. Verloc, Oskar Homolka – (as Oscar Homolka) – Her Husband, Desmond Tester – Her Young Brother, John Loder – Ted

Längd: 76 min. | Region: 2 | Rek. från: Unrated år | Textning: SV, NO, DK, FI

IMDb betyg: 7.2