This is not how rock stars die. 

A hot young band playing at clubs and raves across the Northwest. Handsome lead singer Dylan Brown has a bit of an ego problem, guitarist Mike Prichard is a true womanizer, dark and mysterious bassist Beatrice London has a death and destruction fetish, and drummer Robert ”Nancy Boy” Nancy just wants everybody to get along. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, they rock! Unknown to the rest of the band, Dylan and Mike have decided to go solo; unfortunately they choose to play their last gig at a rave at the notorious Club 905 a performance that will change their lives forever. Elliot Brown, Dylan’s younger brother, attends to film his rockumentary on the band. When club owner Guy Johnson runs out of alcohol he quickly loses the crowds. Mysteriously the band finds itself trapped in the cavernous, old meat packing plant that is now Club 905, along with Guy’s red-hot, intriguing girlfriend Star and Dylan’s sweetie Vanessa Jones lovingly called Jonesy. Tension increases when the mutilated body of a flirty groupie turns up in a meat locker and the group realizes they are locked in with a vicious killer. Gruesome slaughter, fear and death stalk the band and their friends through the labyrinth of rooms and passageways of the old building. As secrets are revealed, people turn up dead, bodies disappear, and emotions run rampant as everybody turns into a suspect. As the body count rises, they must stick together to survive and find a way out. But how well can you really know someone? Is it possible that the hard feelings among the band have spawned a killer within? Who will live and who will die? As the group’s bassist London morbidly points out, ”The only way to become a rock legend is to trash a hotel room or die a violent death”. 

Director: Juan Mas (as Juan A. Mas)
Writers: Jessica Dolan, Susannah Lowber
Stars: Damon Abdallah, Brooke Bailey, Sean Cook

IMDb betyg:
Original title The Choke
Production country USA
Language English
Subtitle DanskaNorskaSvenska
Recommended age 15
Runtime 90 min.
Color Color
Aspect Ratio  
IMDb link tt0424890