”The Time of Her Time” is a 1959 short story written by Norman Mailer. 

The story depicts macho Irish Catholic bullfighting instructor Sergius O’Shaugnessy and his sexual conquest of a young, middle-class Jewish college girl, Denise Gondelman. The short story was adapted to film in 2000 by Francis Delia. On multiple occasions, Mailer has toted the ”The Time of Her Time” as ”the godfather of Lolita. 

Regissör: Francis Delia

Skådespelare: Linden Ashby – Sergius O’Shaughnessy, Leslie Bega – Denise Gondelman, Larry Drake – Dr. Joyce, Melvin Van Peebles – Thompson

Längd: 93 min. | Region: 2 | Rek. från: R år | Textning: SV, NO, DK, FI

IMDb betyg: 8.3